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Meet the Owner

Hello everyone and welcome to my travel/wedding officiant website.

I want to start by first introducing myself as in either capacity that I can be hired in, I want you to feel sure that I am a great fit. My name is Kona, I am a wife and a mother, born in North Carolina but grew up the daughter of a Marine and therefore I traveled a lot. Growing up and continuing into my adult life, travel is/was something that I am incredibly passionate about and I want to be able to provide affordable travel rates and to take away the stress that some people use as a deterrent to travel. There is so much beauty in traveling the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting people from all different walks of life and if I can assist to make your travel dreams a reality, I would be honored!

Love is something that is so beautiful and special and deserves to be celebrated. Providing a service to those who do not always feel comfortable with religion, are lgbtqia+, minorities, and to everyone else is a huge priority of mine. I will ensure that the unforgettable ceremony bringing together two people together is a safe space, no matter what and I am committed to making that happen. Being involved in wedding is such a honor to me and if selected to be a part of your special day. I will do what it takes to make sure the day is as special as possible.

As the first of many blogs, I hope to provide helpful insight and to hopefully make all of your dreams come true by providing my services.

-Kona Cross

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